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Many legal documents need to be "witnessed" by an Official of the State of Maryland. This type of witness is called a "Notary Public."

A Notary cannot vouch for the validity of a legal document, only that he (or she) witnessed the signing of it. For that reason, documents that need to be "notarized," cannot be signed except in the presence of the Notary. In addition, before the notary will allow the papers to be signed, the person bringing them must raise their hand and "swear," under the penalty of perjury, that he (or she) is the person whose signature is requested, and that the statements made in the document(s) are to the best of their knowledge, true and accurate.

At that point, the Notary will affix his (or her) signature to the document, along with the current date, the notary's commission expiration, and the County in which the Notary was sworn in. Additionally, the Notary will usually affix a special "seal" to the lower corner of the document, which is embossed into the paper surface of the document. (Note that the seal is not required on all documents.)

The New Carrollton Municipal Center and other Banking Institutions have commissioned Notaries Public. If you have an item, which needs to be notarized, you may bring it to the Municipal Center during normal business hours and have your document notarized.

Note:  The charge for notary service is set by the State of Maryland and is currently $2.00 for the first page, and $1.00 for each additional page of the same document.