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Career Day

Career day at school offers students the opportunity to experience the different jobs available to them and aids them in discovering what type of job they want in life and helps them plan for their future.  

A member of the Police Department visit our neighboring schools to make a presentation to the elementary and middle-school children.   We let our students know that there are many different aspects to the career of a police officer.  Many of these police officer duties are not done every day.  A police officer may spend several days doing patrol, and then spend a day doing community outreach or testifying in court.  Police officers may also work in the local jail or doing desk work, such as answering phones and talking to community members who drop in with a problem.  Other days may be spent attending training programs.  The varied duties of a police officer mean that no two days are ever exactly the same.

Community work is another part of being a police officer, we are involved in community education, working with students, community watch programs, and with other groups, giving presentations, answering questions and providing advice and council.